Geaux Clean Car Wash is a locally owned and operated express car wash chain, in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana area.  Our locations include: Burbank, Central, Dutchtown, Highland Road, O’Neal and Siegen Lane. We are committed to offering the industry leading and trusted Professional Armor All®, Rain-X® and Blue Coral® line of products, at economical prices.  No one must ever choose between quality and value– we provide both every day!  Our quality, state of the art Peco® equipment delivers a safe and gentle car wash every time.  As added value, the extraordinary quality of the brushes and compounds actually protect paint, plastic, and trim.  To top it off, each car wash includes powerful and free vacuums, for your value and convenience.  Plus, quality on site mat cleaning machines, bug prep tanks, and available cleaning supplies add even more value. At Geaux Clean Car Wash, one never has to settle for less than the absolute best.  One can truly have it all, unparalled quality and extraordinary value

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